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Lamb Demands Answers From Ravenstahl

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Lamb Demands Answers From Ravenstahl

PITTSBURGH – Yesterday, Mayor Ravenstahl announced that Police Chief Harper has resigned amidst an investigation from a grand jury and the FBI.

Michael Lamb, a candidate for Mayor, released the following statement:

“The Mayor still has failed to answer questions from the citizens of Pittsburgh.  Ravenstahl used his entire press conference trying to convince the public that he is not the target of the investigation, rather than addressing the concerns of the people of Pittsburgh.

“Mayor Ravenstahl, why won’t you tell the public what knowledge you have of the secret account and when you learned of it?

“What did you learn that made you change your mind about Chief Harper?

“Why would your security detail need access to a secret bank account if they were conducting official city business?”

“Who else had access to the account and what did they use it for?

“How could the use of the secret account to pay for city business be acceptable?

“Have you ever benefitted from this account?

“How are you going to reestablish the public trust and ensure that the police force is in the best position possible to protect the people of Pittsburgh?

“The Chief’s resignation did not answer these questions.  The people of Pittsburgh need and deserve answers and the Mayor must be prepared to answer them.”