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Lamb Responds to Chief Harper’s Dismissal

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Lamb Responds to Chief Harper’s Dismissal

PITTSBURGH - Following the news of Police Chief Harper’s dismissal by Mayor Ravenstahl, Michael Lamb released the following statement:

“Just yesterday the Mayor was standing by the Police Chief he appointed, defending him of any wrongdoing,” said Lamb.

“Now, after changing his story about the use of the secret credit union account’s role in the G-20 Summit and dodging the real questions, Ravenstahl has dismissed the Chief.  What exactly has changed since yesterday, Mr. Mayor?

“The ongoing issues and investigations into the Police Department go much further than just Chief Harper and his dismissal does not solve the issue at hand.  We still need answers from the Mayor as to what exactly his role in the investigated bank account was, what he knew about the account and when he learned of it.  We need to know who was ultimately behind the account and who had access to it.  We need to know where the money came from for it and what it was used to purchase.

“Mayor Ravenstahl must address and comply with the ongoing investigation, providing answers to both the authorities and the people he serves before he can claim he accomplished anything in ridding our city of this scandal.”